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By Doug Lowe. A BASIC Stamp is serious overkill for an electronic circuit that simply flashes an LED on and off: You can do that for a few bucks with a 555 timer integrated circuit (IC), a capacitor, and a couple of resistors. But learning how to flash an LED on and off with a BASIC Stamp is an important step toward completing
Connect an LED and 470 Ω resistor as shown below for the demo program. ' PULSOUT.BS1 ' This program blinks an LED on for 25 ms at 1-second intervals. Connect an ' LED (active-low) to I/O pin 0. ' {$STAMP BS1} ' {$PBASIC 1.0} Setup: HIGH 0 ' make P0 high (LED off) Main: PULSOUT 0, 2500 ' flash LED for 25 ms
I have to design a program that will turn on an LED with a push button and cause it to blink 10 times at a rate of 1/s, with the LED on for 0.5 s and off for 0.5 s during each cycle.
LED, Leuchtdiode, Lernmaterial, Unterricht, Basic Stamp, MINT, Mikrocontroller, Schule.
Taster, LED, Mikrocontroller, Basic Stamp, Servo, Potenziometer, Unterricht, Lernmaterial, MINT, Technik, Schule.
If you are here for the MIDITRON go to the index and continue in Chapter 7. If you are here for the Basic Stamp 2 have fun. In order to control many LEDs, you must start with one LED. In this lab you will be using the PBASIC commands HIGH and LOW to turn one LED, and then two LEDs, on and off at different rates and for
More information in our website - This program is to Control LED On/off by using ...
More information in our website - This program is to make a looping flashing LED ...
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